Scientific Information

Scientific topics

1. Phytochemistry and phytomedicine

    Isolation and structural elucidation of phytochemicals

    •Evaluation of biological activity of natural products in medicine and food

•Bioseparations and downstream processing of natural products

•New techniques based chromatography for isolation of phytochemicals 

2. Phytochemicals in pharmaceutics and food

•Pharmacokinetics and biotransformation of phytochemicals

•Prodrugs of phytochemicals

•Food-medicine/phytochemicals interaction

•Pharmaceutical biotechnology

•Nanomedicine for natural products application

•Nutrition and metabolism of phytochemicals

•New function food based phytochemicals

3. Biotechnology for phytochemicals production

•Metabolic engineering approaches for producing phytochemicals

•Biocatalysis and applied enzymology in phytochemicals production

•Microbial biotransformation of phytochemicals

•Bioprocess engineering in function food

•Analytical techniques for biotechnological applications in phytochemicals