Business in China

Chinese Business Program


l  Fall Semester: From September to December


l  Senior undergraduate students / Graduate students

l  Fluent English listening , speaking and writing

l  Positive study attitude

l  Preferred majors of students : Business ,Economics , Marketing , Finance , Management

Application Due-date

l  For Fall Semester : May 15

Application Documents

-----Application From With picture (original)

-----The copy of passport

-----The copy of your highest academic degree

-----The transcripts

-----The confirm letter from your institute

l  Mail to following address :

Room 304,the 6th Building ,No.100 Guilin Road,200234,Shanghai,PRC


l  Certificate can be got upon completion of their study

Class Size

l  Start:10 students

l  Max :30 students

Course Design

n  First Semester

1.      Chinese Language                 127 hours,10 credits,15 weeks

2.      Chinese Culture                   36 hours,3 credits,15 weeks

3.      Marketing in China                36 hours,3 credits,15 weeks

4.      Chinese Trading & Investment       36 hours,3 credits,15 weeks

5.      Chinese Finance Market            36 hours,3 credits,15 weeks

6.      Chinese Law and Politics            36 hours,3 credits,15 weeks

7.      China Business Law and Practice     36 hours,3 credits,15 weeks

8.      Strategic Management             36 hours,3 credits,15 weeks

9.      Cross-culture on-field Study         12 hours,1 credits,3 times

10.  Industry Tour                     12 hours,1 credits,3 times

11.  Cross-culture negotiation(new)

12.  Other CoursesBusiness Environment in China ,Chinese Industry Economy ,   Corporate Culture Comparison , Shanghai History and Culture ,Chinese Insurance Market , and others.(Opening of these class depend on faculty availability and class size )

Note: Recommend students to choose 18 to 24 credits, Which request 216 to 288 hours in total , equal to 14.4 to 19.2 hours per week.